St Bart's Kids

nurturing our youngest disciples

St Bart's Kids provides a range of wonderful opportunities to nurture children 0-12 years.

We love helping children at every stage of faith journey, with—safe and age-appropriate—activities and spaces to enable this to happen. Stay up to date with St Bart’s Kids on Instagram and Facebook.

Bettrys Lowe (Children & Families Minister),
Hannah LeDilly (Early Childhood Coordinator).

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St Bart's Kids on Sundays (at 9.30am)

Every Sunday during the 9.30am service, children gather in the service for a time of intergenerational worship. Following this, St Bart's Kids offers multiple spaces where children learn more about Jesus and the Bible in an age-appropriate way.
We love to support the discipleship of the whole family, so we follow the same preaching series as the rest of St Bart's, using our very own St Bart's Kids curriculum that has been designed in-house. Each week we provide a range of resources including teaching, games, study, activities, and worship. If you can’t join us in-person, you can also connect via the livestream.
For more information on St Bart's Kids Sundays, visit our Sunday Services page.

This short video gives a description of what it's like to attend one of our 9:30am services, from a child's perspective.

Recent Resources from St Bart's Kids on Sundays

Featured Resource: SEEK - Jesus Edition

SEEK is a fast-paced observation game for the whole family, where the aim is to be the first to find the one matching picture between any two cards.

SEEK is a fun game for all ages that is based on speed and observation. The game includes 57 unique cards that each contain 8 different symbols. Each of the images included in SEEK (Jesus Edition) have been created from key Bible stories found in the Gospels.

The circular cards create a smooth and fun playing experience and the compact storage tin not only protects your cards, but allows you to transport this game anywhere. SEEK is a great game to pull out at a party, on a long drive, while waiting for your meal when dining out, or any number of other occasions. Because SEEK is based purely on graphic images, it is a game that every the youngest members of your family can enjoy and participate.

SEEK has been created by St Bart’s Kids to help engage children with key Bible stories about Jesus. It can be used to reinforce specific Gospel-centred lessons, as a springboard for discussion, or just for fun!

For more information on how to play, visit our instructions guide.
To place an order, visit our shop.
To download a copy of SEEK to print yourself, click here for PDF format, and click here for PNG format.

St Bart's Kids Mid-Week

St Bart's Kids isn't just about Sundays, but also offers a range of children's ministries during the week.
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FRIDAYS 3.30-5.15PM
(During School Term)

St Bart’s Kids Club is a fun, safe place for children to play and explore what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

For those in primary school (Years P-6), the afternoon provides for a mix of multi-age teaching and age-specific learning including small group discussion and prayer. Each session offers a wide range of activities, games, learning, and worship that all connect to the Bible. We also host "Little Sparks", an Early Childhood initiative that provides care and play-based learning for any young children (under prep age) of parents attending our son-site Friday afternoon Bible study group.

For more information, contact the church office.
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THURSDAYS  9.15AM & 10.30AM
(During School Term)
An opportunity where a parent/carer and their child engage in a fun morning of music, dance, rhyme, and movement before sharing in morning tea, stories, and play.

The sessions are structured, focusing in on the interaction between parent and child.

Currently there are spaces available in both of our sessions. Please contact Hannah for information on how to register.

For more information, contact Hannah LeDilly
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Expecting Families

We love children to be recognised as part of the St Bart’s family before they are even born.

From the minute families let us know they are growing their family, we count it as a great privilege to be praying for them, and showering them with love and care. Our expecting families ministry aims to prepare and support families as they adjust to life with a new child, providing practical support, linking them with appropriate small group opportunities, and celebrating key milestones.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact our Early Childhood Coordinator, Hannah LeDilly.
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Creating a Safe Environment

At St Bart's, we're committed to creating an environment of safety and wellbeing for every single person, especially those who are most vulnerable.

As part of this, our Parish has implemented a Child Protection Risk Management Plan to assist in protecting our children and other vulnerable people from harm in our church. This includes the screening of clergy, staff, volunteers, and office holders in our parish by using the Queensland Government's Blue Card Services. A Code of Conduct and an Anglican Church Southern Queensland's safe ministry check is provided for all people working with children.If anything is worrying you, please contact one of the following: