Our Vision & Mission

Making, Maturing, and MULTIPLYING Disciples OF JESUS

As we seek to make, mature, & multiply disciples of Jesus, we express our life together in four key rhythms.


Sundays are the heartbeat
of our life together. We gather to re-orientate our lives to God, confess our sin, rejoice in grace, declare Good News, feast on God’s Word, and build up Christ’s church. We’re one in Christ yet diverse in age, ethnicity, and background.


Growing as a follower of Jesus is a life-long and whole-of-life pursuit. We actively pursue maturity, especially through personal devotion and small groups. Our Training Centre, Centre for Work + Faith, and Leadership Local help us grow as disciples.


Jesus is Lord of all and has entrusted us with much with which to be generous. We participate in life together as financial partners. We give —not reluctantly or under compulsion, but generously and sacrificially—according to what God has given to us.


God has entrusted each person with gifts and a part to play. We’re so grateful for the variety of gifts God has given to his people and his church. We count it a privilege to use our gifts and time for the building of Christ’s church in diverse ways for God's glory.

Our Future: Vision 2025

St Bart’s has been active for over 80 years proclaiming the Good News of Jesus. As we look back, we’re thankful for the ways in which God has met our needs and exceeded our expectations. The focus of our next chapter—Vision 2025—is not to replace our mission but to expand our vision for making and maturing disciples.

embracing digital

We embrace digital technology to make and mature disciples of Jesus, gather and communicate with our people, resource our members and the St Bart’s network, and grow individuals beyond our church in maturity.

actively planting

We’re committed to multiplying our long-term vision to make and mature disciples by actively planting new congregations or revitalising existing ones (including a new ethnic congregation in Toowoomba and a congregation in Brisbane).

growing maturity

We proactively grow the maturity of disciples, by (a) extending the reach of the St Bart’s Training Centre (within and beyond St Bart’s); and (b) establishing a leadership academy to grow and develop our leadership pipeline.

extending reach

We’re focused on extending our intergenerational and ethnic reach based upon the needs and shape of the local communities in which God has placed us. We also seek to be readily accessible to people with diverse needs and backgrounds.

Improving Footprint

Improving our physical footprint in order that we: (a) have sufficient facilities to meet our growing needs; (b) are exemplifying stewardship of God’s creation; and (c) accelerate the amortisation of debt for our building.

Our History: St Bart's has been an active local church for over 80 years. We're venturing—under God—into a new chapter.


The first Church of England service in Middle Ridge was held in 1934 at Middle Ridge Shire Hall (as a daughter church of St Luke’s). The first St Bart's building was complete in 1938.


Having outgrown the original building, a new brick building was completed in 1982, with flexible facilities for ministry and fellowship following soon after (initially a demountable in 1985 then a hall in 1991).


This was a growth season (with the appointment of a new Assistant Minister) that culminated in St Bart’s becoming an independent parish in 2003.


With the completion of stage 1 of the new building in 2012, this was a significant era of change that enabled growth in ministry, especially with children and youth.


This was a period of rapid growth, enabled by
a commitment to vision 2020, a new mission statement to ‘make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for God’s glory’, and the completion of stage 2.