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God has entrusted every person with gifts and a part to play. Serving is an opportunity to follow in the example of Jesus and take our part in the building up of Christ's church.

We're incredible grateful to God for the diversity of gifts that he has entrusted to his people. At St Bart's, we love helping people to use their gifts on all of their frontlines, including in the life of the local church. Accordingly, there are numerous ways to use your gifts at St Bart's (whether you join in-person or online). For different requirements for different roles, along with onboarding and training provided. If you're ready to serve, complete an expression of interest form.

st bart's members after a service having coffee
Sunday Services

Hello: Foyer Welcome
Hello: Auditorium Ushering
Hello: St Bart's Cafe
Hello: Morning Tea
Hello: Flowers
Help: Bus & Transport
Help: Wheelchair Assistance
Help: Buggy & Carpark
Help: First Aid
Word & Worship: Bible Reading
Word & Worship: Intercessions
Word & Worship: Lord's Supper
Word & Worship: Music
Word & Worship: Linen & Guild
Digital: Livestream Welcome
Digital: Local Vision & Sound
Digital: Streaming Vision & Sound
St Bart's 6PM: Hello
St Bar'ts 6PM: Digital
St Bart's 6PM: Word + Worship

Expression of Interest
st bart's kids on a sunday morning filled with kids
St Bart's Kids & CHARGE

St Bart's Kids: mainly music
St Bart's Kids: Friday Kids Club
St Bart's Kids: Holiday Kids Club
St Bart's Kids: Baptisms
St Bart's Kids: Expecting Families
St Bart's Kids: Child Protection
St Bart's Kids: Mums & Bubs
SBK Sundays: Check-In
SBK Sundays: Early Childhood
SBK Sundays: Primary Years
CHARGE: Fridays
CHARGE: Sundays
RI Volunteers

Expression of Interest
the st barts bus dropping some people off for the church service
St Bart's Care

Symes Thorpe: Visiting
Symes Thorpe: Services
Visiting: Visits
Visiting: Home Communion
Pastoral Meals
Aged Care Gatherings
Friendship Morning Tea

Expression of Interest
people discussing the introducing jesus course

Small Groups
Alpha: In-Person
Alpha: Online
Centre for Work+Faith
Newcomers Meals
Next Steps (Sundays)

Expression of Interest
St Bart's building
Building & Finance

Gardens Teams

Reception & Administration
Parish Council: Finance Committee
Parish Council: Risk & Governance
Parish Council: Mission Partners

Expression of Interest
Training Centre

Ridley Certificate In-Person
Ridley Certificate Online
Onsite Library (Sundays)
External Resourcing
The Marriage Course

Expression of Interest