Meet the Team


St Bart's is served by a diverse team of staff who are each responsible for leading various aspects of our church.

Read the descriptions below for an overview of each staff member's areas of responsibility. If you have any questions, take a next step or contact the staff member directly.

Adam Lowe
Senior Minister
Responsible for:
Vision and Strategy, Staff & Leadership, Preaching
Dan Rouhead
Assistant Minister (Honorary)
Responsible for:
Baptism Ministry, Preaching, CHARGE Youth Group Leader
Amy Norman
Lay Minister (Discipleship)
Responsible for:
Discipleship & Pathways, Centre for Work + Faith
Bettrys Lowe
Children & Families Minister
Responsible for:
St Bart's Kids (Sunday), Kids Club (Friday), mainly music
Hannah Le Dilly
Early Childhood Coordinator
Responsible for:
Early Childhood, St Bart’s Kids (Sunday Morning)
Peter Dutton
Youth & Young Adults Minister
Responsible for:
CHARGE Youth Group, Small Group, Sunday Group
Hong Suk Lee
Korean Ministry Coordinator
Responsible for:
Korean Ministry, Vision 2025 Reach Goals, Translation
Jesse Adamson Paroz
Production Assistant
Responsible for:
Video Production, Sunday Livestreaming, Digital Ministry
Robyn Robinson
Pastoral Care Cooridnator
Responsible for:
St Bart's Care, Pastoral Teams, Aged Care Services
Jo Chan Smith
Office Administrator
Responsible for:
Office Administration, Administrative Support, Bookkeeping
Alex Wright
Digital Intern
Responsible for:
Sunday Digital, Digital Community
Diana Wong
Music Intern
Responsible for:
St Bart's Music, Diversity in Music

Parish Council

Wardens and Parish Councillors are elected by the parish each year at our election of office bearers. Parish Council are responsible for operations of the parish, particularly with regard to governance, property, and financial matters. The St Bart's Parish Council oversee three subcommittees: Finance; Risk & Governance; and Mission Partnerships.

Our Parish Council members are: Neil Anderson (Synod Representative); Wendy Brodribb (Churchwarden); Peter Choi; John Cuff (Churchwarden); Jodie Gunders (Nominator); Ben Mienert; Trish Rathie (Synod Representative & Nominator); John Strachan (Nominator); Kate Venables; Rebecca Vonhoff; Tess Kelly; Carrie Roberts; and David Robinson

 Download the 2023 Parish Council Overview
 Read the Annual Report for 2022
the cover photo for the reports for 2022