St Bart's Training Centre

Maturing Disciples OF JESUS

The St Bart's Training Centre exists to help achieve our mission to make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ.

That means we're serious about seeing people built up, encouraged, continuously growing, and sent out.

To help achieve this, our Training Centre offers: a range of regular courses and special events (see below), including the Ridley Certificate. We also provide online resources available below (in addition to weekly sermons, small groups questions, and family resources). Finally, there is an excellent small library located at St Bart's (Toowoomba) that you're free to access (open on a Sunday). If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact (training@stbarts.com.au)

Ridley Certificate

The Ridley Certificate is for those who want to go deeper, ask questions, learn more, and grow in their knowledge of the Bible. These courses are designed by Ridley College in Melbourne. You can find the latest course below.

a man looking at the books in the library

St Bart's Library

At the St Bart's site, we have a library of over 1,000 different items including books, DVD's, and study guides. You can access the catalog here.

people discussing the introducing jesus course


We have a large range of resources which you may wish to look through. You can access the St Bart's Resource Centre here

Training Centre Events