Centre for Work + Faith

equipping followers of jesus on the frontline of work

The Centre for Work + Faith seeks to equip workers to explore how following Jesus transforms why we work, how we work, and how God uses our frontlines for his glory.

Because work is where the majority of us spend more of our time, it's important to be equipped and encouraged in why our work matters to God.

The two keys ways we seek to equip and encourage workers on their frontlines are through:

  • Work + Faith Monthly Meetings
  • Frontline Breakfasts

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the director of our Centre for Work+Faith, Amy Norman.

Work + Faith Monthly Meetings

The meeting is a chance to gather with other workers, explore what following Jesus looks like in the workplace, and pray for one another about the specific challenges and opportunities we have at work.
Join us for the our Frontline Monthly Meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, from 7am - 8am at the Rowes Google Room. To RSVP (and pre-book your coffee), by following the events below.

If you are interested in going deeper, download the Transforming Work app which has a range of great videos, articles and interviews about discipleship in the workplace (download here for apple or android).
Topics Include
  • why does work matter?
  • how can I do good work?
  • how can I flourish at work?
  • how can I influence the culture of my workplace?
  • how can I improve relationships at work?
  • how can I tackle workplace issues with biblical principles?


Work + Faith Resources