Being Human Sermon Series Overview

July 16, 2023

The Rev'd Adam Lowe

It’s not only since the rise of Artificial Intelligence or the emergence of crises in identity, that people have wondered, who—or what—am I? What does it mean to be human? As a collection of books spanning thousands of years, the Bible not only tells the stories of diverse people (in time and place), but is also grounded in the claim that we are created in God’s image and set apart for his purposes. Yet, our relationship with the world, with one another, and with our Creator is broken. Despite extraordinary capacity, we’re also inherently flawed. It took God to become human that we might have hope. It’s through Jesus that our humanity is redeemed and that we can look forward to a future free from sin and death. Our limitations invite us into dependence. 

In this nine-part series, we delve into what it means to be human. We’ll explore how knowing our origin story and resting in our limitations frees us to depend on the one who has created and redeemed us. We are created, broken, redeemed. We are physical, relational, emotional, communal, sexual, relational, purposed for work, and purposed for rest.

Being Human Sermon Series Overview
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