The Fruit of the Spirit Series Overview

September 17, 2023

The Rev'd Adam Lowe

In John Owen’s classic, Communion with God, he delights that there are two types of grace that Christians can enjoy because of Jesus. First, there is a personal grace relating to who Jesus is. Second, there is a purchased grace made available to us through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Owen highlights that part of the grace that Jesus has purchased for us, also means that he gives every Christian his Spirit to come alongside us, comfort us, teach us, point us to Jesus—and—be at work transforming us into Jesus’ very likeness! Incredibly, part of experiencing God’s grace is through the gift of his Spirit who is at work transforming us to be Jesus-shaped. In this series, we’ll take a deeper look at some aspects of the fruit of the Spirit by first considering the very character or Jesus.

The Fruit of the Spirit Series Overview
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