1 John 2023
April 23, 2023

1 John: Light & Darkness

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
1 John 1:1-2:2

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Small group questions

Connect What is one way this week that can show how your life has been bundled up in Jesusʼ resurrection?


  1. Whatʼs the brightest thing youʼve ever seen? What the darkest place youʼve ever been?

Read 1 John 1:1-4

  1. What do we know about the letter of 1 John? What was Johnʼs goal in writing?
  2. Why were Johnʼs readers facing a crisis of confidence that had potential to undermine their trust in Jesus?
  3. On what basis could Johnʼs readers be confident in the message of the Gospel? Why was it so important for the message not only to be preserved but also to be proclaimed? Do we share in this?
  4. When it comes to our trust in Jesus, what are the things that diminish our confidence? Have you ever had that type of experience? How do Johnʼs words have the power to also help build our confidence?

Read 1 John 1:5-8

  1. How does John describe God? What are the two ways in which light is typically used of God throughout the Bible? How are both of these aspects evident in what John is saying?
  2. What does John mean when he talks about ʻwalking in the lightʼ or ʻwalking in darknessʼ?
  3. What do you think ʻwalking in the lightʼ looks like in practice? Is confession part of walking in the light?
  4. What were the various ways in which the breakaway group seemed to be denying sin? How can we be at risk of minimising, ignoring, or downplaying the seriousness of sin in our own lives?
  5. If we sin, does this mean that we have rejected God? If we deny our sin how is this a denial of God?
  6. How—according to John—does God purify us from sin? What does this mean in real life?

Read 1 John 1:9-2:2

  1. What does confession look like in practice? Do you have a regular rhythm of confession?
  2. When we confess our sins how does God respond? How does this help you experience Godʼs joy?
  3. If we are forgiven, why do we keep needing to confess our sin? Is our salvation dependent upon the continued confession of sin? How does confession help us to experience Godʼs pardon?
  4. How can you delight in Jesus being your advocate more?

Apply Read 1 John and ask God to shine a light in your heart that you may know how to walk in his ways more.

God of Light, thank you for revealing yourself to us through your Son and in the power of your Spirit. Please help us to be confident in the message, honest in confession, and assured of forgiveness. Amen.
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Watch: “1-3 John Overview” by the Bible Project: https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/1-3-john/
• Listen: “The God Who Can be Known” by Tim Keller: https://gospelinlife.com/downloads/the-god-who-can-be-known-81/
• Listen: “The testimony of Life” by William Taylor: https://www.st-helens.org.uk/resources/talk/57867/audio/

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