Acts 2023
March 5, 2023

Acts: Farewell to Ephesian Leaders

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Acts 20:1-38

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Small group questions

Connect How is God seeking to transform you more in Jesus’ likeness at the moment?


  1. Who has been a great example to you (personally) of proclaiming Jesus with their whole life?

Read Acts 20:1-6 (Together)

  1. Have you ever had the impression that Paul was a ‘one-man-band’? How is it evident that this is not the case at all? (Name everyone not only listed here, but also try to recall others mentioned elsewhere.)
  2. How can adopting a solo mentality to mission lead us to being isolated, ineffective, and/or dismissive in mission? Have you ever felt one (or all) of these on some of your frontlines? What could help?
  3. Can you think of any examples of the ways that people partner with others on their frontlines? 
  4. Is there anyone who you currently—and regularly—are encouraged and support by on your frontlines?
    Is there a simple way that you could partner with others as you serve God on this frontline?

Read Acts 20:7-21 (Whole of Life)

  1. What were some of the activities that occupied Paul’s life? How is it evident (try to identify examples) of how Paul strived to use his entire life in service of God’s mission?
  2. Is there a part of your life, or a particular frontline, in which you sometimes struggle to see how it could be part of the mission of God? Is there a part of your life that you’d prefer to keep separate?
  3. What does Paul say about how he lived? Did he consider the whole of his life as a witness? Should we?
  4. If our example matters, what should we do (and take comfort in) when we fall short?

Read Acts 22-24 (Compelled by the Holy Spirit)

  1. What was Paul ultimately driven by? What does it mean to be ‘compelled’? Did Paul have a choice?
  2. In what way are we also compelled by the Spirit? How can that be a ‘tug-of-war’ with our will and heart?
  3. Did Paul know the reason he had to go to Jerusalem? What did he know about? Why would he still go?
  4. As we consider the shape a life that proclaims Jesus—together, with the whole-of-life, and compelled by the Spirit—which of these do you most need to grow into more?
  5. How could you—as a small group—more consistently pray for one another’s frontline witness?

Apply For one of your frontlines, who can you intentionally partner with (weekly in the lead up to Easter) to mutually encourage one another in mission? How will you do this?

Gracious God, thank you for the privilege of proclaiming Jesus together, with the whole of our lives, and in the power of your Spirit. Please help us to encourage one another as we seek to serve you with our all. Amen.
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