Acts 2023
March 12, 2023

Acts: Gospel and Courage

The Rev'd Michael Calder
Acts 22:1-22

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

For one of your frontlines, who can you intentionally partner with (weekly in the lead up to Easter) to mutually encourage one another in mission? How will you do this?

Do you consider yourself a particularly courageous person? Why or why not?
What difference does knowing the truth make in potentially tricky situations?

Read Acts 21:10-16 & 21:21-36
Why is Paul so set on going to Jerusalem? If the Spirit revealed this to him, why then are people discouraging him to go?
What could help us both discern and trust God’s will in all circumstances? What difference does this make to both the bigger and smaller decisions in life?
What did Agabus predict? What is Paul’s response to the pleas of the followers?
Why did Paul react in this way? What gave him this courage? Can we have the same courage as Paul demonstrated here? How?
Is there a frontline or area in your life where it is hard to be a follower of Jesus? What elements and fruits of the gospel could encourage you?
What happened to Paul when he arrived in Jerusalem? What were the accusations made against him? Is there any truth to these? What was Paul’s reaction?

Read Acts 22:1-21
What do you think causes Paul to stand in front of the crowd that almost killed him again? What does he want to make clear to them from his telling of how Jesus appeared to him?
Why is it important to know that the physical resurrection of Jesus really happened? What difference does it make to how we relate to God now and to our eternity?
How can knowing the truth of the resurrection give us the courage to proclaim it? How can knowing that Jesus is with us give us the courage to proclaim him?
How did the crowd and the Sanhedrin (cf.23:10) react to Paul’s proclamation of the resurrection?
Why can’t the commander find any reason to charge Paul? What does this tell us about how Paul went about his ministry?

What could help you grow in both the understanding and appreciation of the Gospel this Easter?

Gracious God, thank you for the privilege of knowing the truth of the Gospel. We pray that you would help us grow more in our understanding and appreciation of it, that we may have the courage to proclaim it. Amen.
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