Acts 2023
February 26, 2023

Acts: Paul in Ephesus

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Acts 19

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Small group questions

Connect How could you share about God in ways that the unchurched person could understand?


  1. What do we know about Ephesus? What was the Temple of Artemis like? 
  2. How is the Spirit at work in both the sending and receiving of the Good News? How is this encouraging?

Read Acts 19:1-12

  1. What question did Paul ask of the people he met along the road? Why do you think he asked this?
  2. What was John’s baptism all about? How does this differ from being baptised in the name of Jesus?
  3. When does a person receive the Holy Spirit? Is there such a thing as a Christian without the Spirit?
  4. How can Christians sometimes be made to feel ‘second rate’ about the Holy Spirit? Is this encounter prescriptive of how every Christian experiences or should experience the Holy Spirit? 
  5. In what way does the Holy Spirit: help us to know God’s presence; be transformed in Christ’s likeness; and be equipped for God’s mission? How have you known this to be true?
  6. WHAT was the focus of Paul’s proclamation? WHERE did he do it? HOW did Paul proclaim the Gospel?
  7. WHERE has God placed you to proclaim the Good News? HOW do you need help to proclaim it?
    (Try to think about: what you find most challenging and how you could support one another.)
  8. Why is the Good News meant to provoke response? Does this mean we can be insensitive?
  9. What responses have we witnessed so far? How did some respond here? Why is obstinance dangerous?
  10. Are you ever obstinate towards God or the Gospel? What is an antidote for obstinance?
  11. Who do you know who has been transformed by the Gospel? What led them to a point of trust in Jesus?

Read Acts 19:13-22

  1. Why were some of the Jews using the name of Jesus? What was wrong with this?
  2. Why—when this event became known—did it cause people to fear the Lord, confess, and trust in him?
  3. What were the objects that were burnt? What was this about? Is there anything we should put away?
  4. What are the—seen and unseen—idols in our culture? How about in our lives? 
  5. Why are idols unworthy of our allegiance, loyalty, and devotion? Why is Jesus worthy?
  6. In what way would you love to witness (and be part of) the Gospel transforming our city?

Apply How is God seeking to transform you more in Jesus’ likeness at the moment?

Gracious God, thank you that the Good News transforms lives, provokes response, and topples idols. Please help us to be receptive to the work of the Spirit, especially in proclaiming the Gospel. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
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