Acts 2023
January 8, 2023

Acts: The Gospel and the Spirit

The Rev'd Michael Calder
Acts 10:24-48

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect What is one way that you would like the Good News (that Jesus is Lord) to shape your priorities in 2023?


  1. What are some things in life that it’s okay to have favourites of? When is it not okay to show favouritism?
  2. What has happened in chapter 10 so far? What were the two visions of Peter and Cornelius about?

Read Acts 10:23b-29

  1. What was Cornelius’ response to Peter’s entrance? How did Peter react? Why did he react in this way?
  2. Why is it remarkable that Peter would enter into Cornelius’ house? Why weren’t Jews supposed to relate to those who weren’t Jewish (a Gentile)?
  3. Why then did Peter into the house? What changed his mind? Why shouldn’t we call anyone unclean?
  4. Do we ever fall into the trap of proclaiming the Gospel to some people but not to others in our circles? Is there anyone who we think is too far for Jesus? 
  5. How can we ensure that we aren’t putting up any barriers for people to come to know Jesus?

Read Acts 10:30-48

  1. Why do you think Luke included Cornelius’ retelling of his vision and actions? What might Luke want to communicate to his readers? What was Peter’s reaction?
  2. Read Deut. 10:17. What does this tell us about the character of God? Why is it important to know and trust that God does not show favouritism? How should this shape who we share the Gospel with? 
  3. What is the content of Peter’s message? Who is the main focus of the message? What does Peter communicate about him? How is it that we can have assurance of the forgiveness of our sins?
  4. What event confirms the belief that all people can come to Jesus? What does baptism symbolise?
  5. Who are you particularly praying for to come to know Jesus in 2023? What’s one way that you could share about Jesus with them before February?

Apply How could we encourage one another in our evangelism?

Lord God, we thank you for your abundant mercy and grace that has been made available to all people through your Son. Help us to see the people of this world as people in need of Jesus. Give us courage and creativity to share the Gospel, so that through our witness, people may come to know and love you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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