Acts 2023
February 5, 2023

Acts: The Gospel for those who have no God

The Rev'd Michael Calder
Acts 12:25-14:28

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect What is one way you can pray earnestly for the Gospel to continue to spread and flourish?


  1. Do you think that it’s mostly easy or difficult to be a follower of Jesus in our culture? Why?
  2. If you feel comfortable, what’s the worst reaction that you have had when you’ve shared about Jesus with someone on your frontline?

Read Acts 14:8-18

  1. What happened to Paul and Barnabus after they healed the man? Why did this happen?
  2. What do these events tell us about the spiritual state of Lystra? Are there any similarities to today?
  3. What was Paul and Barnabus’ reaction to the actions of the people? Why didn’t they realise what was happening at the time? 
  4. How did they attempt to address the crowds? What was the content of their message? 
  5. How does the ‘packaging’ of the Gospel differ from other messages that we have heard in Acts?
  6. When we share the Gospel how should we communicate it? What’s the difference between changing the contents of the Gospel and the packaging of it?

Read Acts 14:19-28

  1. What caused the people to turn against Paul? What were their actions towards him?
  2. What did Paul do next? If there was the threat of persecution, why would Paul go back into the city and keep on proclaiming Jesus?
  3. Why are persecutions a normal part of the Christian life? Why shouldn’t we be surprised when they come? Are they a precondition for entering the kingdom of God?
  4. What opposition may we face for sharing the good news on our frontlines? What can give us the ultimate hope even if the worst was to come for us?
  5. If we aren’t experiencing hardship, how might this passage be a subtle ‘prod’ for us?
  6. As we go out, what forms of support do we have? How could we foster deeper support amongst your brothers and sisters? What could remind us of the presence of the Holy Spirit?

Apply Think of a way that you could creatively share the Gospel with a person on your frontline, practise and refine it with someone in your small group this week, and pray for that person together.

Lord God, please give us a heart for the lost, that we might be earnest in proclaiming Jesus even with the potential of hardship. Remind us continuously of your presence with us as we share. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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