Acts 2023
March 26, 2023

Acts: The Lord in the Storm

Amy Norman
Acts 27:1-32

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect With one person this week: try sharing your story of encountering Jesus and how you now follow him.


  1. What is one of your favourite adventure stories (could be a book or movie)? Why is it your favourite?
  2. Why is Paul going to Rome? 

Read Acts 27:1-20 (What faithfulness looks like … in the midst of storm)

  1. Was Paul alone on this journey? Who else is included in the ‘we’?
  2. What conditions made sailing difficult? Identify all the points where the journey was re-routed. (It might be useful to find a Study Bible with a map of Paul’s journey.)  
  3. What decisions also made sailing dangerous? How is the Day of Atonement significant? 
  4. Have you ever experienced challenges from external conditions? What did that look like?
  5. Have you ever faced challenges from the decisions of others? How did that affect you (or currently affecting you)? 
  6. Are Christians immune to danger? Why might it be dangerous to believe we are immune?
  7. How does Paul react in this situation?
  8. Is there a current situation where you are being called to be faithful in the midst of a storm?

Read Acts 27:21-26 (What faithfulness looks like … in holding onto God’s promises)

  1. Why have people given up all hope of being saved? 
  2. What specific promise has God given to Paul? When did he first give this promise? Why is it a source of hope in this situation?
  3. Do we have the same specific promise from God? What general promises are given to all Christians?
  4. Which promises of God have given you strength in a period of challenge or uncertainty? Which promises do you often forget? 
  5. What patterns and rhythms in your life help you to recall God’s promises?

Read Acts 27:27-44 (What faithfulness looks like … even in uncertainty)

  1. How long was the ship in the storm for? Why didn’t God immediately rescue Paul? 
  2. Why can we trust God in uncertainty? What might that look like this week on your frontlines?

Apply Continue or begin a rhythm of recalling God’s promises each day. 

Gracious Father, thank you that you are with us in whatever situation we are in. Please help us to continue to faithfully follow you even in uncertainty, holding onto your promises in Christ. Amen.
Going deeper resources

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