Acts 2023
January 1, 2023

Acts: The Power of the Gospel

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Acts 10:1-23

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect What aspect of the Good News that God is WITH US and FOR US shape your approach to 2023?


  1. How did you get to church on Sunday? Spiritually, who has been involved in the story of you coming to faith and being connected to Christian community?

Read Acts 10:1-8

  1. Who was Cornelius? What was the context of the vision that he had? What was the vision about?
  2. How is it evident that Cornelius was a sincere seeker of God? Does this mean that Cornelius was saved?
  3. Did Cornelius’ resources seem to lead him into greed or generosity? How can this be an example to us?

Read Acts 10:9-23, 34-36

  1. What was the context of Peter’s vision? What was the content of the vision? What did it mean?
  2. How does Peter respond to the command that the Lord gives? Why was this so repulsive to Peter?
  3. If Peter knew that God is ‘Lord’, why was it a contradiction to disobey his command? Are you ever susceptible to calling God, “Lord”, yet resistant to him being Lord of everything in your life?
  4. How does the Lord respond to Peter’s resistance? Why is it within the Lord’s power to decide what is clean and unclean? Does this contradict previous laws that had been given? Why or why not?
  5. How did the food laws affect the types of interactions that Jews and Gentiles could have? How did this change enable the boundaries between Jew and Gentile to be broken down? Who is the Gospel for?
  6. Why do you think Peter was so confused by this? Are you ever shocked by the truth that the Gospel is open to every single person? What are the barriers that the Gospel overcomes?
  7. On one of your frontlines, who are the people that are least likely to be interested in the Good News? How could you more proactively pray for them (and share/show them) the Good News in 2023?
  8. In what way has God made all people clean? What must we do to receive this gift? 
  9. If all people have equality before God, how should this transform how we treat everyone? 
  10. How does this part of Acts signal God’s desire for the Gospel to go out to the entire world? How have we shared in that blessing? How do we share in the Gospel continuing to go out?

Apply What is one way that you would like the Good News (that Jesus is Lord) to shape your priorities in 2023?

Gracious God, thank you that the Gospel is for everyone! Please help us to be grateful that we have shared in the Gospel going out. Please help us to be active in the Gospel continuing to be proclaimed. Amen.

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