Acts 2023
January 15, 2023

Acts: The Spirit and Baptism

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Acts 11:1-18

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect How could we encourage one another in our evangelism?


  1. As a group, can you provide a recap of what has happened with Cornelius and Peter so far?
  2. How did Peter’s vision enable him to visit Cornelius? What did the vision ultimately point to?

Read Acts 11:1-3

  1. Have you ever experienced people being grumpy about good things happening to other people? 
  2. Why were some of the Jewish believers critical of the news that they had heard? Was this valid?
  3. Did Jesus refrain from interacting with Gentiles? Can you think of examples? How did people respond?

Read Acts 11:4-18

  1. In the face of criticism, how could Peter have been tempted to be arrogant, angered, dismissive, and/or fearful? In the face of criticism, are you ever tempted to respond in ways such as these?
  2. How does Peter respond to the criticism he received? What are the facts that he relays?
  3. What do you like about Peter’s response? How is Peter’s response a good example for us?
  4. As you discuss matters of faith with other Christians or people who do not yet believe, how do you think you could show more ‘patient explanation’? Is there one particular scenario that comes to mind?
  5. What does Peter recount in verses 15-17? What does he mean by this?
  6. How is it clear that receiving the Good News is accompanied by the gift of the Holy Spirit? Have you ever experienced the effects of when different views have been pressed upon people?
  7. Have you ever known someone who has felt like a ‘second class’ Christian? Why can we be confident (from this example in Acts) that there is no such thing? How could you encourage them?
  8. What do you think it looks like to not stand in God’s way? What opportunities do you have to cooperate with how the Spirit is at work on your frontlines? Do you find this encouraging?
  9. How do those who were critical of Peter now respond to his explanation? Why is this so incredible?
  10. How can we celebrate how God is at work in the power of his Spirit?

Apply How can you be more aware of—and participate in—how God is at work on one of your frontlines?

Gracious God, thank you for the Word that we have received along with the gift of your Spirit. Please help us to respond, by going out in praise. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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