Acts 2023
April 2, 2023

Acts: To the Ends of the Earth

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Acts 28:11-31

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions
Connect Continue or begin a rhythm of recalling God’s promises each day.
  1. What has most stood out for you in the book of Acts? What have you learnt about Gospel witness?
Read Acts 28:1-16 (Gospel witness is full of… Surprising Encounters)
  1. How does Luke describe the welcome that they received? Why was this so surprising to them?
  2. Have you ever been surprised at how people have welcomed you as a Christian? Do you typically expect people to be more hostile or more receptive to the Gospel? What should we expect?
  3. Why did the people think Paul was a god? What do Paul and his friends do whilst on Malta?
  4. How is it evident that Paul considers the various detours on his journey not as distractions, but a continued opportunity to show and share the Good News of Jesus? What do you think helped him?
  5. Can you think of a time in which a “detour” in life has been an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel?
  6. How was it a kindness of God that Paul didn’t know every detail about being sent to Rome?
    Do you think it’s ever a kindness of God that we don’t know everything as he leads us?
  7. Do you think you would follow God as readily if you did know every aspect about what it entails?
Read Acts 28:17-27 (Gospel witness is full of… Mixed Responses)
  1. What had the authorities heard about Paul? How is this a little anticlimactic?
  2. What was Paul’s goal in sharing the good news (i.e., understanding or something more?)? What’s ours?
  3. What are the two main responses to Paul sharing the Good News? What do each of these mean?
  4. How have you witnessed both types of responses? What warning does Paul issue?
Read Acts 28:28-30 (Gospel witness is full of… Expansive Mission)
  1. What does Paul mean by God’s salvation being sent to the Gentiles? How are we connected to this?
  2. How is every Christian part of the continuing story of the Gospel going out, in the power of the Spirit, to the ends of the earth? How can we be confident that the Gospel will not be thwarted?
  3. Our frontlines are the places (i.e., where we live, learn, shop, serve, work, or play) where God has placed us. In which of these frontlines are you most active? Which do you find most challenging as a Christian?

Apply Invite at least ONE person—from one of the frontlines in which God has placed you (i.e., where you live, learn, shop, serve, work, or play)—along to an Easter service this coming week.

Gracious Father, thank you that we have Good News to show and share where we live, learn, shop, serve, work, and play. Please help us as we continue in the work of the Gospel going out to the ends of the earth. Amen.
Going deeper resources
On Your Front Line this Week

What is something positive about the way people interact on your frontline? How can you notice and acknowledge it this week?

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Read: “Acts: A Devotional Commentary for Study and Preaching” by Loveday Alexander:https://www.amazon.com/Acts-Devotional-Commentary-Preaching-Peoples/dp/1841012165

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