Being Human
July 16, 2023

Being Human: Created

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Genesis 1:27-2:2; 3:1-12

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Small group questions

Connect Who are three people on your frontlines who you long to become followers of Jesus? How can you cultivate a habit of praying for them daily?


  1. What do you think it means to be human? How are we different from other parts of creation?
  2. What are the best things about being human? What are some of the most difficult things?

Read Genesis 1:24-2:3

  1. As you read this part of the story of creation (and scanning over the preceding verses), what stands out to you? Who is the author of creation? What is God bringing order out of?
  2. Is this more about the ‘who and why’ of creation, or the ‘when and how’? Which is more important?
  3. If we are created by God, how then are we dependent on him? How should this be reflected in our lives?
  4. What is one way in which you are limited as a human being? When you encounter this limitation in everyday life, how do you typically respond? How could this be an opportunity to grow in dependence?
  5. What does it mean to be created in God’s image? In what way do we represent God in the world?
  6. Pick the frontline in which you most often serve God. How do you represent God there?
  7. How important is this if no one else knows of, or embraces, their role as image bearers?

Read Genesis 3:1-9

  1. What were the two ways in which the serpent tried to deceive Adam and Eve? How were both deceptions a distortion of God’s Word in order to cause them to doubt so that they would disobey?
  2. What really is at the heart of sin? How do you see this at work today?
  3. How were Adam and Eve’s actions ultimately a form of rebellion against God’s order and rule?
  4. What was the threefold consequence for Adam and Eve’s rebellion? How do you witness these consequences in the world today?
  5. Later in this chapter are there any signs of God’s grace being foreshadowed? Who ultimately will crush the serpent’s head (and what does this mean)?
  6. What does it mean to be redeemed? Why were we in need of redemption? When will we be restored?
  7. How has Jesus redeemed us? How do we receive that gift?
  8. In what way are we caught up in the story of being created, broken, and redeemed everyday?

Apply As an image bearer of God, how can you represent God’s good rule in one way this week on a frontline?

Gracious God, thank you that you created us in order that we know your love and grow in our love for you. Sorry for the ways that we fall short and thank you that you have redeemed us through your Son. Help us to faithfully live in your world (as we relate to you, others, and creation) in anticipation of new creation. Amen.
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What opportunities do you have this week to demonstrate kindness? Pray for opportunities to show God's kindness.

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