Being Human
July 23, 2023

Being Human: Physical

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Genesis 2:4-9 & 1 Corinthians 15:12-26

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Small group questions

Connect As an image bearer of God how can you represent God’s good rule in one way this week on a frontline? 


  1. What do you think the best part is about having bodies? What do you find most challenging?
  2. In what way do you think humans enjoy a good relationship with the world? In what way is it messy?

Read Genesis 2:5-7

  1. How does Genesis 2 describe the making of humankind? Do we exist apart from creation?
  2. In what way is being created out of dust and with God’s breath deeply humbling? How intimate is it?
  3. If we are part of God’s creation, in what ways are we dependent on him? How about creation?
  4. What are the various ways we’ve been created to experience the physical world? What do you love most?
  5. Do you think you have a tendency to overvalue or undervalue your embodied nature?
  6. What are three (or more) of the ways in which we hear God’s big ‘yes’ to our physical nature? How should that shape how we treat our bodies and the world?

Read Genesis 3:16-19

  1. To what extent did the fall—our human brokenness and sin—cause catastrophic effects on all of creation?
  2. How do these effects relate to the role that we had been given to rule the world in godly dependence?
  3. How do we see the effects of sin: on our bodies; how we relate to each other; and the world?
  4. What are examples of an ‘over desire’ of the body? Do you struggle with any of these? What helps?
  5. Is materialism a challenge in our culture? What are the effects? What helps you to keep it in check?
  6. Do you ever struggle with a particular limitation of your body? How can this sometimes be an opportunity or invitation to grow in dependence on God? 

Read Revelation 21:1-6

  1. Have you ever thought that new creation does not include physical aspects? What type of future is it?
  2. If we have a diminished view of our bodies and the physical world, how might this negatively impact how we treat others and creation?
  3. If new creation includes the physical, how should this shape our approach to our bodies and world today?

Apply What is one physical limitation of your body that you wrestle with? How can this be an opportunity to depend on God when you encounter it?

Gracious Father we thank you for the gift of our bodies and the physical world! Please help us to reflect on your good plans for the world—including our bodies—as we live in anticipation of the future which awaits. Amen.
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On Your Front Line this Week

What opportunities do you have this week to demonstrate kindness? Pray for opportunities to show God's kindness.

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