Being Human
August 20, 2023

Being Human: Relational

The Rev'd Dr Rhys Bezzant
Mark 10:29-31

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Small group questions

Connect What is one way this week you can help nurture our community in the likeness of God’s vision for it?


  1. What have been some of your best friendships? What do you think has made them particularly good?
  2. Do you think we have a culture of friendship in Australia? Where is it evident? What are the gaps?

Read Genesis 2:15-18

  1. When have you felt a longing for friendship? Do you think that longing is common to all humankind?
  2. In Genesis (both chapters 1 and 2), who are we created to relate with? How do you experience and enjoy that? What are some of the difficulties and/or challenges?
  3. Have you ever thought of friendship with God? Are there limits: can God be our friend and our Lord?
  4. How has God made friendship with him possible? How do you enjoy that friendship?
  5. Rhys mentioned “three aspects of friendships” we need. Can you recall them? And think of examples?
  6. Are there any opportunities for you to nurture these different aspects of friendships?

Read Mark 10:28-31

  1. What did the disciples give up to follow Jesus? Does this mean we should abandon our regular associations or commitments to follow Jesus?
  2. How does Jesus show us that our family relationships should not be the only priority in our lives?
  3. What responsibility do we have to extend friendship to those around us? At what cost?

Read John 15:12-15

  1. What does Jesus command his disciples to do? Do you think that this also applies to us?
  2. What does Jesus say is the greatest type of love for a friend? How does Jesus demonstrate this for us?
  3. How can our friendships with one another involve a costly type of self-giving? When do you find this most challenging? What helps fuel you to love your friends in this type of way?
  4. What do you think could help us foster friendships more in the life (and culture) of our church? How can we show more curiosity and commitment with one another?
  5. Does this mean we need to be friends with everyone? How might our friendships be witness to the world?

Apply What is one way that you can show your appreciation to a friend this week?

Gracious Father, thank you for the gift of friendships! Please help us to further and enjoy our friendships more, including with you. Please help us to be good makers of friends, especially that you friendships with one another might be a witness of your love to the world. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
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On Your Front Line this Week

What opportunities do you have this week to demonstrate kindness? Pray for opportunities to show God's kindness.

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