Being Human
September 3, 2023

Being Human: Work

Amy Norman
Colossians 3:17-4:1

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Small group questions

Connect Is there a way in which you could more closely align your sexuality in line with God’s purposes?


  1. What is the frontline that you spend most of your time each week? Do you consider this to be work?
  2. What is your relationship with work like?

Read Genesis 2:4-15

  1. Where did God place the man? What was he tasked with? 
  2. What clue do we have that work is given to both men and women? (Hint: Genesis 1:26-29) 
  3. What different aspects of work are present in Genesis 1:26-29 and Genesis 2:15? How are we meant to relate to God’s creation? 
  4. Why is it significant that work is given to humanity before sin entered the world? How should that change how we value work?
  5. Why is work more than just what we get paid to do? What aspects of your work reflect shaping, nurturing, cultivating, serving, designing, protecting, or guarding? 
  6. What is your experience of work at the moment? What are your biggest points of frustration?
  7. What is the ultimate source of frustration in work? Do frustrations in work mean that all work is meaningless and unimportant to God? Why not?

Read Colossians 3:17, 23-24

  1. What type of work can we do for Jesus? Why do you think it is easy to forget God cares and values whatever we do? 
  2. What rhythms help remind you that you are working for Jesus? 
  3. Why is working for Jesus more than only sharing the gospel?
  4. Which of the 6M’s is the most visible on your frontline/in your workplace: (1) modelling godly character, (2) making good work, (3) being a minister of grace & love, (4) moulding culture, (5) being a mouthpiece for truth & justice, (6) being a messenger of the gospel. 
  5. Which 6M would you like to focus on this week? What might be one small step?
  6. How does our secure future in new creation change how you work today?

Apply Select one 6M to focus on this week, as you orientate whatever you do to Jesus. 

Gracious Father, thank you that you have good purposes for our work and that nothing is wasted in your economy. Please help us to orientate our work for Jesus in whatever we do, for your glory. Amen.
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On Your Front Line this Week

What opportunities do you have this week to demonstrate kindness? Pray for opportunities to show God's kindness.

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