November 13, 2022

Isaiah: In Whom Shall We Trust?

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Isaiah 36-39

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Small group questions

CONNECT: Consider one area of your life where there is conflict. How will Jesusʼ present and future reign resolve it? How can that future impinge on that conflict today?


  1. Have you had a situation in which you really had to trust someone because things were out of your control? How did that make you feel?
  2. What are the things (or people) that most compete for our trust and allegiance today? How big of a challenge do you think this is for Christians?

Read Isaiah 36:1-12

  1. At the beginning of chapter 36, how bad is the situation for Godʼs people? What has happened already?
  2. What were the three possible grounds for Hezekiahʼs confidence to defeat the enemy? Were any of
  3. these things a good basis to be confident? Why or why not?
  4. How did the enemy seek to systematically erode that confidence—particularly his trust in the Lord?
  5. Do you think the enemy still uses similar tactics today to erode our confidence in the Lord? Have you ever experienced or witnessed the pattern of dissatisfaction—doubt—driing play out?
  6. Do you think ʻdefectingʼ or ʻdriingʼ from God usually happens dramatically or incrementally? What do you think are the warning signs of slowly driing away from the Lord?  

Read Isaiah 37:14-20; 36-38

  1. How does Hezekiah respond to the imminent threat and attempt to erode his trust in the Lord?
  2. What is the content of Hezekiahʼs prayer mostly concerned with? Why is this helpful?
  3. What helps you personally to bring your doubts to God as an expression of dependence on him?
  4. Did Hezekiah have cause to doubt Godʼs character or promise? Why or why not? Do we?
  5. Why can we be confident that Jesus is worthy of our trust and a solid basis for confidence?
  6. How can we demonstrate that trust day-to-day? When do you find it most easy or hard?
  7. What does God ultimately do with the Assyrians? If the Babylonians were going to conquer Jerusalem anyway, how would this victory help those in exile stand firm in the promises of God?

APPLY: When you are facing challenge, what most helps you to stand firm and depend on the Lord?

Gracious Father, thank you that because of Jesus that we can have every confidence that you will indeed bring your promises to completion. Please help us to be quick to come to you and trust in your faithfulness. Amen.
Going deeper resources

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