November 20, 2022

Isaiah: Prepare the Way of the Lord

The Rev'd Dr Daniel Rouhead
Isaiah 40:1-31

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

CONNECT: When you are facing challenge, what most helps you to stand firm and depend on the Lord?


  1. In times of distress or uncertainty, what brings you comfort?

Read Isaiah 40:3-8

  1. Why would the words of Isaiah be words of “comfort” for the people of ancient Israel/Judah?
  2. How are these words different from the message of Isaiah 1-39? What has changed? How do you seek the Lordʼs comfort in times of need?
  3. What do these verses say about the barriers that exist between the Israelites and God (and between us and God)? How did they (and how do we) prepare a way for the Lord?
  4. What habits help you to maintain a clear way for the Lord? What do verses 6-8 say about our ability to maintain a way for the Lord? What do we need?

Read Isaiah 45:1-2a and 13

  1. In what way do these words speak about the return of the Lord to his people? How is it made clear that the Lord makes the way for the people to return?
  2. When and how is the prophecy of verses 1-8 finally fulfilled. How has God prepared the way for you to trust and follow him?

Read Isaiah 40:9-11

  1. What comfort is it for you now to know that Godʼs glory has been revealed in Jesus, and will be revealed completely when Jesus returns?
  2. How are we to respond to this good news? Can you think of examples in the New Testament of people shouting the good news to others?
  3. How can you share the good news on your frontlines? What are the barriers?
  4. What does the rest of Chapter 40 say about God? How does this help us to trust in Godʼs promises?

APPLY: Who can you invite to Carols this week?

Almighty Father, thank you for your compassion and kindness. Thank you for sending Jesus to reconcile us to you, for clearing the way to you on the cross. Help us to trust in you and share this good news. Amen.
Going deeper resources

On Your Frontline This Week: As the end of the year events begin, what are opportunities you might have to introduce your Christian friends to your not-yet Christian friends?

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