October 9, 2022

Isaiah: Rebellious Children

The Rev'd Michael Calder
Isaiah 1:1-20

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CONNECT: What is one way that you can pour out God’s love with the most vulnerable on your frontlines?


  1. What would people who aren’t Christians think about the type of condemnation and words that we see in Isaiah chapter 1?
  2. What type of genre is Isaiah? What was the context that he was writing in?

Read Isaiah 1:1-15

  1. Why does Isaiah call on the earth and the heavens to listen to the Lord? What type of message does God have for his people?
  2. Throughout Israel’s history, how has God provided for them and looked after them? What was their response to God’s love?
  3. How did Israel’s rebellion against God present itself? What were the repercussions for this?
  4. Do we ever rebel against God? In what ways can our forsaking of God present itself in our lives?
  5. Are we ever at risk of making light of sin? What is God’s response to this rebellion and sin?
  6. What was God’s response to the various acts of worship in Israel? Why was this so? How were they mistreating God?
  7. If God prescribed this sort of worship in the Law, why then is Israel’s worship deemed repulsive?
  8. If God doesn’t want this sort of religion, what does God desire of his people? How is this good news? In what ways are we free to live with and for him?
  9. Are we ever tempted to fall into doing stuff for God rather than being in relationship with him? What could help us reframe our thinking?

Read Isaiah 1:16-20

  1. Why is it good news that God invites his people to ‘settle the matter’ with him? How does God ultimately make a way for that to be permanently possible? What is the alternative?
  2. How can we be completely confident that our sins have been completely done away with?
  3. What could help you grow in your awe of God’s compassion, grace, and mercy for us?

APPLY: How could you grow in seeing your freedom from sin and freedom in relationship with God this week?

Heavenly Father, we are sorry for the times when we have rebelled against you and mistreated you. Thank you for the assurance of forgiveness and help us to constantly be awed by your love and mercy. Amen.
Going deeper resources

On Your Frontline This Week: What type of pressures are the people around you facing? How can you listen more intently and pray more intentionally this week?

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  1. Advanced Commentary: “Isaiah: In Context and throughout Ages” by B. Witherington III

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