October 8, 2023

Jeremiah: The Call of Jeremiah

The Rev'd Dr Daniel Rouhead
Jeremiah 1:1-19

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Small group questions

Connect What is one way this week that you can embrace the joy of Jesus more in your everyday life?


  1. What does it feel like to bring news that you know will be unpopular? 
  2. When have you been chosen for a task for which you felt totally unqualified? 

Read Jeremiah 1:1-6

  1. How is Jeremiah identified at the beginning of the book bearing his name? 
  2. How did God announce to Jeremiah that he was to be a prophet? How long did he serve as a prophet?
  3. What was Jeremiah’s assessment of his own abilities in relation to God’s call?
  4. What difference can it make to know that God knew us and set us apart even before our birth?
  5. What reservations do you have about your ability to serve God according to his call?

Read Jeremiah 1:7-16

  1. How did God respond to Jeremiah’s reservations? What promise did God make to Jeremiah?
  2. How did God transform Jeremiah into his mouthpiece? How was this similar and different to the call of Isaiah? (see Isaiah 6) How did God describe Jeremiah’s mission as prophet? 
  3. By what symbol did God show Jeremiah that he was watching both Jeremiah and the people of Judah? What did the boiling pot tilting away from the north symbolise? 
  4. What sins had caused God to execute judgement on Judah by means of the peoples from the north? 
  5. When we tell people about Christ, whose words do we speak?

Read Jeremiah 1:17-29

  1. What consequences did God promise if Jeremiah did not say what he commanded?
  2. Why do you think God sent Jeremiah to Judah, knowing that they would fight against him?
  3. Although God predicted the people would oppose Jeremiah, what did God promise his prophet?
  4. How did God make it clear to Jeremiah that there was nothing to fear? 
  5. What is the source of our strength to share God’s word?  

Apply Make a list of the ways you have seen God work in and through your life.

Heavenly Father, You know us, see us and love us with an endurance and a depth beyond our understanding. Help us to trust in you and your call on our lives. Inspire us to persevere, sustained by the power of your Spirit, to serve you faithfully. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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