Easter 2023
April 6, 2023

Maundy Thursday

Amy Norman
Matthew 26:17-25; John 13:2-17; Matthew 26:26-29, 36-42.

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect Invite at least ONE person—from one of the frontlines in which God has placed you (i.e., where you live, learn, shop, serve, work, or play)—along to an Easter service this coming week.


  1. What is the first Easter that you can remember as a child? What was it like?
  2. When was the first Easter that you think you really understood Jesusʼ death and resurrection?

Read John 19:1-16

  1. What was at the heart of the Jewish leaderʼs accusation against Jesus? Why was this so serious?
  2. Was Jesus guilty of the charge of claiming to be the ʻSon of Godʼ? What does ʻSon of Godʼ mean?
  3. In what ways did they mock Jesus about being a king? Is he a king? Whatʼs different about his Kingship?
  4. Where is his kingdom from and who is his kingdom for? How should we relate to Jesus as King?
  5. What finally led Pilate to send Jesus to be crucified? How are we all responsible in some way?

Read John 19:17-37

  1. What were Jesusʼ final words on the cross? What was finished? What did his death achieve?
  2. What are the clues in Johnʼs account that prove that Jesus really died?

Read John 20:1-18

  1. Why was Mary going to the tomb? Who else was with her? Where were the other disciples?
  2. How would Mary have felt? Why would an open and empty tomb be the last thing on her mind?
  3. What does Mary conclude has happened to Jesusʼ body? What do you think most people think today?
  4. What shied Mary from unbelief to belief? How can we encounter evidence about the resurrection?
  5. Why do you think 57% of Australians donʼt believe (or arenʼt sure) that Jesus rose from the dead? What gives you confidence that the accounts of Jesusʼ resurrection are true?
  6. How is Jesusʼ resurrection a living monument to the defeat of sin and death? Why is this good news?
  7. Is Jesus still alive? If Jesus is alive what does this mean for relationship with him?
  8. What does Jesusʼ defeat of sin and death mean for us? (Both now but also in the future.)
  9. What sort of future does the resurrection point to? How can our lives point to this?

Apply What is one way that you can even more enjoy the reality of Jesus being the living Lord?

Going deeper resources

On Your Front Line this Week

Share with someone the difference Jesus makes in your life.

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