Responding to Jesus
February 4, 2024

Responding to Jesus: Out to the Wilderness

Amy Norman
Matthew 4:1-11

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Small group questions

Connect What helps you to delight in the Good News that Jesus is the Messiah who died (and rose) for us?


  1. Do you remember when you were baptised? How did you mark the occasion?
  2. Do you feel like you’ve ever undergone a period of testing as a Christian? 

Read Matthew 4:1-4

  1. Who led Jesus into the wilderness? What was the purpose?
  2. Why do you think God would allow the Son to be tested? How can testing work to positively confirm or strengthen your resolve? Have you ever experienced this?
  3. Who tempted Jesus? What other names are used to describe ‘the tempter’?
  4. What is the longest you’ve ever gone without food (or fasted)? How do you think Jesus felt after fasting forty days and forty nights? 
  5. How does it change our perspective on Jesus’ temptations when we remember that he is fully human?
  6. Could Jesus have turned the stones into bread? Why didn’t he? What does this tell us about Jesus’ use of power?

Read Matthew 4:5-11

  1. Why would throwing yourself off a high point be enticing? What is the supposed promise?
  2. Why should we not test God? What specific scenario is Jesus referring to? Hint: Deut 6:16; Exod 17:1-7
  3. When are the situations you are tempted to test God? Why can we trust God, even in uncertain times, or when we still don’t receive everything we might want or think we need?
  4. How can we guard against trying to be independent from God and his purposes?
  5. Why does Jesus trust the Father without spectacular intervention? How does this inform our obedience and trust in the Father?
  6. What is the enemy’s final offer to Jesus? How was this actually smaller than what is rightfully Jesus’? 
  7. Why would accepting this offer jeopardise the salvation of the world? What is the enemy trying to deter Jesus from? 
  8. How does the enemy try to deter us from Jesus? Have you ever experienced doubt, deterrence, or distraction from Jesus? What helped you return to trusting and relying on Jesus?
  9. How does this encounter show us that the Son of God was willing to suffer?
  10. Who are we to serve only? What does it look like to only serve God on your frontline?
  11. How does Jesus’ faithfulness for our salvation, spur you on to be faithful to Jesus?

Apply What desires may you be tempted to test God with? Spend some time offering them to God in prayer.

Gracious Father, by the power of your Spirit please help us to seek your will, depend on Jesus, wait on your timing, and withstand temptation by your Word. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
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