Responding to Jesus
March 10, 2024

Responding to Jesus: The Confusion of Glory

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Matthew 17:1-13

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

What is one particular way Jesus is using you (right now) as part of his mission to the world?
1. Have you ever had a ʻmountaintop experienceʼ in which you had a deep encounter with God, or felt very close to him? Why canʼt this be the case all the time?
Read Matthew 17:1-8
2. What has just happened prior to the transfiguration? Who does Jesus take and where do they go?
3. Can you think of other examples in the Bible where mountains feature in important events?
4. What happens to Jesus? What is the significance of Jesus being transfigured?
5. What is the difference between reflecting glory and being the source of glory?
6. Who appears next to Jesus? Why do you think they appeared with Jesus on the mountain? What is the significance of Jesus being the one who stands out?
7. In response to everything that has happened so far, what does Peter want to do? Why do you think that Peter wants to do this? Why was this ultimately misguided?
8. What happens next? What is significant about the cloud enveloping them?
9. What does the Father confirm and command about Jesus? What does it really mean to listen to him?
10. What are some important things that Jesus said that we should listen to with ʻour allʼ?
11. Are there any times that you feel challenged to obey God? What helps you to obey?
12. Why are the disciples so terrified? Do you think we underestimate the gap between Godʼs holiness and our brokenness? What do you find encouraging about Jesusʼ response?
Read Matthew 17:9-13
13. As they are coming down the mountain, having just seen Elijah, the disciples are discussing what this now means with reference to the prophecy of Elijahʼs return. What is the point of Jesusʼ response?
14. Can you think of some contrasts between the transfiguration and the death Jesus awaits? How is Jesusʼ identity the common thread between the two?
15. What does Jesus tell the disciples is still to happen to him? What is the connection between Jesusʼ death (and resurrection) and the possibility of being able to dwell with him forever?
16. What happens at Jesusʼ death that points to the barrier between us and God being taken away?
17. How is the transfiguration a glimpse of the type of future which awaits every believer? What helps you to delight in Godʼs dwelling with you today?
How can you shape your living more in the reality that God dwells with every believer? How can delight more in Godʼs presence and that which is yet to come?

Gracious God, please help us to see your glory. That we would listen to your Son, worship you with our all, and delight in Spirit dwelling with us. In Jesusʼ Name, Amen.
Going deeper resources

On Your Front Line this Week
As Easter approaches, who could you invite?
For Families
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Series Resources
• Website: All of the resources from our series are available (including from St Bartʼs Kids) at: https://www.stbarts.com.au/sermon-series/responding-to-jesus
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