Responding to Jesus
March 17, 2024

Responding to Jesus: The Cost to Follow

The Rev'd Dr Daniel Rouhead
Matthew 19:16-30

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect How can you shape your living more in the reality that God dwells with every believer? How can delight more in God’s presence and that which is yet to come?


  1. Have you ever met a celebrity? Share the experience – was it positive or negative?
  2. What would you do if you suddenly received 1 million dollars?

Read Matthew 19:16-20

  1. What was on the man’s mind when he asked about how to get eternal life?
  2. How does Jesus react to the question about what “good thing” he must do? Why?
  3. Why did Jesus choose only those commandments that had to do with human relationships? 
  4. Do you believe that the young man kept all the commandments Jesus mentioned? What makes you think he didn’t?
  5. What is the only way, the one true path, to eternal life?
  6. How would you respond to someone who said, “I’m a good person. I’m sure I’m going to heaven!”

Read Matthew 19:20-24

  1. What does Jesus ask the young man to do before he can follow him?
  2. What do you think Jesus wanted the man to learn when he told him this?
  3. What illustration does Jesus use to demonstrate the difficulty rich people have in trusting in Jesus? Why is it so hard for rich people to enter the Kingdom of God? 
  4. What things are you tempted to put before God?
  5. How can we keep God first in our lives?

Read Matthew 19:25-30

  1. How did the disciples respond when they heard how hard it is for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven? 
  2. How would you answer the question, “Who can be saved?”
  3. What is the cost of following Jesus? Have you experienced this?
  4. What does Jesus promise to those who follow him?
  5. How do you think this encounter with Jesus affected the rich young man’s life?

Apply How can you follow Jesus more closely this week?

Heavenly Father, help us to know that salvation comes through faith and not our good deeds. Help us to be thankful for the good things we have, but not depend on them for our security and satisfaction. Help us to lay down those things which draw us away from you and trust completely in your son. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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