Responding to Jesus
March 31, 2024

Responding to Jesus: Easter Day

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Matthew 28:1-15

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Small group questions

Connect How can you make praise of Jesus a daily part of your life?


  1. What is the most extraordinary claim that you’ve ever heard (not including Jesus’ resurrection)?
  2. Do you think we ever lose sight of just how extraordinary the claims of (and about) Jesus are?
  3. What is the danger of losing sight of how extraordinary Jesus’ death and resurrection are?

Read Matthew 27:45-56

  1. Which Easter services were you able to participate in? Did any particular part stand out for you?
  2. What did Jesus cry out from the cross? What is the significance of this? Is it more than a cry of anguish?
  3. Why did some people think that Jesus was crying out for Elijah? Who was really being rescued?
  4. What happened in the temple when Jesus died? What was the significance of this?
  5. How does Jesus’ death open up a way for forgiveness and reconciliation with God?
  6. If a friend asked you, ‘was it really necessary for Jesus to die and be raised?’, what would you say?
  7. What did the Centurion declare? What do you think he meant by this?
  8. Who was present at the cross? Who was absent? Who of these also go to the tomb?

Read Matthew 28:1-15

  1. What stands out for you in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ resurrection? Who were the eyewitnesses?
  2. As you think about Jesus’ resurrection, do you have a sense of wonder? Have you ever? What would help you to marvel more about how extraordinary Jesus’ resurrection really is?
  3. How is it clear that the claim of Jesus’ resurrection was physical and not merely metaphorical?
  4. What sort of evidence do we have to give us confidence that Jesus was really raised from the dead?
  5. Why does Jesus’ resurrection really matter? What did the resurrection really accomplish? (Try to consider the implications in regard to his death and also the implication with regard to our future.)
  6. What day of the week did Mary and Mary go to the tomb? Is there anything significant about this?
  7. How does Jesus’ resurrection guarantee the future of those who have faith in him? What sort of future awaits Jesus’ followers? What sort of future is in store for all of creation?
  8. Because Jesus’ resurrection was physical, what does this say about our future and the future of the world?
  9. How is the Good News that Jesus is alive reflected in your praise and proclamation of him?

Apply What is one thing you can do this week to instil a greater sense of wonder about Jesus’ resurrection? How might this be reflected more-and-more in praise and proclamation of the Good News that Jesus is King?

Living God, how we praise you for the extraordinary news that Jesus is alive. Please help us to understand the gravity of this claim, be filled with wonder at this news, and respond with faith in the Risen one. Amen.
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