Easter 2023
April 16, 2023

So That You Might Believe

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
John 20:19-31

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect What is one way that you can even more enjoy the reality of Jesus being the living Lord?


  1. What has been one of the most significant ʻfirst daysʼ in your life? How did it mark a new era in your life beginning or even in a change in your identity?

Read John 20:19-23

  1. What does Jesus first say to the disciples? Was this more than just a greeting? Why or why not?
  2. What is the ultimate peace that we can have? How has Jesus made this possible?
  3. Why is it surprising that Jesusʼ first words are of peace not not rebuke, fault-finding, or blame?
  4. In what way—when we go to Jesus—can we be assured of also receiving a peace that lasts?
  5. How has forgiveness from God brought about a peace that lasts for you? What reminds you of this?
  6. How are we best to understand verse 23? Do we also share in the ministry of proclaiming forgiveness? What is the way that people can connect with forgiveness from God?

Read John 20:24-31

  1. Why is Thomas oen called ʻdoubting Thomasʼ? Do you think this is fair?
  2. For how long have the disciples been telling Thomas that Jesus has been raised? In a similar way to the disciples repeatedly sharing the news, how are our lives to point to the resurrection on repeat?
  3. What evidence has Thomas already had that could have given him confidence? What might have been some of the reasons for his objection? Do you sympathise with any of these?
  4. In what way does Jesus both invite Thomas to examine the evidence but also rebuke him?
  5. Why (for the future of proclamation) was it important for Thomas to see Jesus raised? How have we benefited from Thomasʼ (and the other discipleʼs) eyewitness testimony?
  6. Does Jesus expect we would believe without any evidence? What does Jesus say about those who believe but who have not seen? Who does this apply to?
  7. What convinced you that the resurrection of Jesus was real and also relevant?
  8. How is the purpose of our lives bundled up with living in the age that Jesusʼ resurrection began?
  9. What was the ultimate purpose that John wrote his Gospel? Who—on your frontlines—do you long for to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and by believing to have life in his name?

Apply What is one way this week that can show how your life has been bundled up in Jesusʼ resurrection?

Gracious God, thank you that as we put our trust in Jesus that our lives are bundled up in both his death and resurrection. Please help us to live lives that point to this wonderful news. In Jesusʼ Name, Amen.
Going deeper resources
On Your Front Line this Week

Who are the three people you are praying for that might come to believe? You might find it encouraging to share with someone else who you are praying for.

For Families

Download: some of the family resources to use at home: stbartskids.org

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