The Fruit of the Spirit
June 23, 2024

The Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control of Jesus

The Rev'd Dr Daniel Rouhead
Luke 4:1-13

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Small group questions

Connect What is one way that you can be involved in scattering the seed of the Gospel this week?


1. How long have you gone without food? Share the experience

2. How did hunger affect your feelings, decisions and actions?

Read Luke 4:1-4

3. What is the significance of the 40 days of fasting leading to Jesus’ time of testing?

4. The devil’s first temptation (and third) begins with “If you are the Son of God...” What is the temptation in that? How does Jesus respond?

5. How hungry do you think Jesus felt? Why would the devil’s first temptation be so tempting?

6. Each time Jesus responds to temptation, he says a line of scripture. What does that say about exercising self-control?

7. If we do not live on bread alone, what does sustain us?

8. What type of temptations do you face? How does God’s word help us to grow in self-control?

Read Luke 4:5-8

9. How is the second temptation based on a lie? What does the devil really want Jesus to do (or not to do)?

10. In refusing the devil’s offer, whose dominion does Jesus recognize?

11. How do we know that Jesus submits to the Father’s will throughout his ministry? What is the ultimate outcome of this obedience?

12. Who does the world say is our ruler and the ruler of our lives?

13. What is the usual outcome of us sitting on the throne that belongs to God?

14. How does self-control come from recognising God’s dominion over us?

Read Luke 4:9-13

15. Why does the devil tempt Jesus to demand a sign from the Father?

16. How does Jesus show faith in the Father, even on the cross? 

17. How do we grow in faith, especially when facing pain and suffering?

18. Can we be tempted to demand a sign from God to strengthen our faith in him?

19. How does faith help us to grow in self-control?

20. In what situations do you find it most challenging to demonstrate self-control in your thoughts, decisions and actions?

Apply How can you demonstrate self-control on your frontlines this week? 

Holy God, we humbly seek your guidance and strength to grow in self-control. By your Spirit’s transforming power, help us to grow in faith, seek the guidance and sustenance of your Word, and submit to your rule in all aspects of our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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