The Invitation of Jesus
July 2, 2023

The Invitation of Jesus: Come to Me

The Rev'd Dr Daniel Rouhead
Matthew 11:25-30

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Small group questions

Connect Pray that the Spirit might reveal an area of your life that you are holding back from following Jesus.


  1. What do you do when you are feeling weary or worn-out? Has this been helpful?
  2. What does our culture suggest is the best antidote to weariness?

Read Matthew 11:25-30

  1. What is Jesus’ invitation? Who is invited to come to him?
  2. What are the characteristics of Jesus that mean it is safe to come to him? How does this match your  understanding of Jesus?
  3. What was a yoke used for in the first century? What particular ‘yokes’ were the people Jesus was speaking to experiencing? How is Jesus’ yoke different?
  4. What are the sort of things that we can be ‘yoked’ to? What does it mean to be yoked to Jesus instead?
  5. How might our plans and our will get in the way of coming to Jesus?
  6. What is Jesus’ relationship with the Father? Why can Jesus be entrusted with our burdens?
  7. What evidence do we have of Jesus’ authority, love, and care?
  8. When has been a time or season when you have brought Jesus your worries and burdens? What difference did it make?
  9. Are you currently weary and/or burdened in some way? How could you respond to Jesus’ invitation and lay your burdens on him?
  10. Who on your frontline is weary or burdened? How might Jesus’ invitation be good news for them?
  11. What is the ultimate rest that we look forward to?
  12. What joy does it give you to know that Jesus has secured the ultimate rest for you?
  13. What does your current practice of rest look like? How could it be reshaped by Jesus’ invitation to come to him?

Apply How could you respond to Jesus’ invitation and lay your burdens on him?

Heavenly Father, thank you in Jesus we have a Saviour who is gentle, humble, and delights to gives us rest. Please help us not to rely on our own strength, but come to him with all our worries and burdens. In Jesusʼ name we pray, Amen.
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