The Invitation of Jesus
June 25, 2023

The Invitation of Jesus: Follow Me

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Matthew 4:18-22

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Small group questions

Connect Set aside time this week to pray for a brother or sister in Christ.


  1. When do you remember responding to the call to follow Jesus?

Read Matthew 4:18-22

  1. If you were going to pick people for an important mission, what skills, training, or background would you like them to have?
  2. Who does Jesus call to follow him in this section? What were they doing? What does this tell us about who God uses for his mission?
  3. How quickly do the two sets of brothers respond to Jesus? Would you have responded the same way? Why or why not?
  4. How can Jesus’ call to follow him disrupt our priorities and sense of purpose?
  5. How has following Jesus changed your priorities?
  6. What might have been the social and economic costs of these brothers following Jesus?
  7. How has following Jesus been costly to you? Do you think there is anything you hold back?
  8. What was Jesus calling the fishermen to do? What would fishing for people include?
  9. Is Jesus’ invitation unique to the disciples? Why does it apply to us?
  10. Who (ultimately) does Jesus call to follow him? What role do we also play in God’s mission to the world?
  11. What are the frontlines Jesus has called you to follow him? Right now, is there a distinct community, person, or situation that you think God may have placed you in?
  12. Is there any area of your life that you find it difficult to apply Jesus’ invitation to follow him and make disciples?
  13. Why can we entrust Jesus with the trajectory of our lives? How is this different from what society tells us?
  14. What habit, rhythm, or discipline reminds you of who you follow?

Apply Pray that the Spirit might reveal an area of your life that you are holding back from following Jesus.

Gracious Father, thank you that you long for the whole world to follow Jesus. Please help us to follow you as whole-of-life and life-long disciples. Please shape our priorities and lives in line with your will. Amen.
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How does following Jesus change your priorities? Try to share it with a friend this week.

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