Genesis Part II
April 28, 2024

The Story of Abraham: Abram and Lot

The Rev'd Adam Lowe
Genesis 13:5-18, 14:18-24

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Is there any area in your life—in which you feel a disconnect between expectation and reality—that you need to bring to the Lord in order that you can renew your trust in his faithfulness?
What types of decisions do you make in daily life? What are the bigger ones you have had to make?
How do you think our daily decision-making can be an expression of depending on God?
Read Genesis 13:5-18
What has happened just prior to this situation? What is happening now?
Who was Lot? Are Lot and Abram similar in any ways? How are they different?
What was the source of quarrelling? Does this sort of thing still cause quarrels today?
How is it evident that Abram: seeks peace over conflict; relies on God’s provision rather than how much he can possess; and prefers grace rather than exercising rights?
Is there any current situation in which you’re finding it difficult to seek peace, rely on God’s provision, or express grace? How might others pray to help you in this?
What criteria does Lot seem to use to make his decision? What warning signs are there?
What criteria does our culture encourage us to make decisions by? How should we be different?
What sort of criteria should we use to make our decisions? Are you ever tempted to rely on material things for comfort or security?
What would it look like to make one shift, in one area of your life, that would help express or enable your dependence on God?
Read Genesis 14:14-16 and 18-24
What has happened to Lot? How does Abram respond to Lot’s situation?
Why do you think Abram was motivated to rescue Lot? How does Lot’s (relatively undeserving!) rescue compare with how God has rescued us?
Why wouldn’t Abram take the gifts that were offered to him? How was this glorifying of God?
Who was Melchizedek? How is Melchizedek described here?
Read Hebrews 7:23-27.
In what way does the writer of the letter say Melchizdek points to Jesus?
Why is it such phenomenal news that Jesus is the ultimate King and ultimate Priest (and sacrifice)?
How does Jesus show us God’s dependability and help us to depend on him?
What would it look like to make one shift—in one area of your life—that would help express or enable your dependence on God?

Gracious God, thank you that you are faithful and that your promises are sure. Please help us to depend on you, seek out your ways, and make decisions that reflect our security in you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen
Going deeper resources

On Your Front Line this Week
How can you demonstrate generosity this week to someone on your frontline?

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