Genesis Part II
May 26, 2024

The Story of Abraham: Birth of the Covenant

The Rev'd Dr Daniel Rouhead
Genesis 17:1-18:15

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect Is there any area of waiting that you can take to the Lord this week with a patient confidence?


  1. Have you ever been surprised by a gift? How did it make you feel?
  2. How do we use laughter to express various emotions and reactions?

Read Genesis 17:1-8

  1. How do you think Abram coped with not hearing from God for 13 years?
  2. As God spoke to Abram, he revealed his name as God Almighty (El Shaddai). What does this say about God, his previous promises and the covenant he is about to establish?
  3. What are the terms of the covenant? Compare them with the promises in Genesis 12?
  4. How has God shown that he is faithful to his promises since Genesis 12? 
  5. What did God ask Abraham to do? How can he faithful and blameless before God?
  6. How does believing that God is God Almighty, or God is able, shape our faith in Jesus?
  7. How can we be faithful and blameless before God? What help do we have?

Read Genesis 17:9-14

  1.  Discuss the significance of circumcision as the sign of the covenant. What does it represent?
  2. What does the inclusive nature of circumcision (all of Abraham’s household) say about God’s plans for salvation? What does Abraham’s immediate obedience say about his faith?
  3. How might circumcision be misunderstood?
  4. How does Paul reinterpret circumcision for Christians? How are baptism and circumcision similar and different?

Read Genesis 17:15-18:15

  1. How does God reveal that the promise of a son is about to be fulfilled?
  2. How does Abraham react? Does this contrast with his response to circumcision. 
  3. How does God respond? Does this help you when you have doubts about God’s plan or even God’s love for you?
  4. How do Abraham and Sarah’s actions indicate who they think the three visitors are?
  5. How does Sarah react to the news about a son? How does God respond again?
  6. How can we persevere through difficult times?

Apply Who can you encourage in their Christian faith this week?

Heavenly Father, we thank-you that you have saved us through your Son, Jesus, and made each one of us a new creation. Help us to trust in your promises because you are able to fulfil them. Help us, by your Spirit, to be faithful and blameless in your sight. Amen.
Going deeper resources

On Your Front Line this Week
How can you demonstrate generosity this week to someone on your frontline?

For Families
• Download: some of the family resources to use at home: stbartskids.org

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