Genesis Part II
June 9, 2024

The Story of Abraham: Testing of Abraham

Amy Norman
Genesis 22:1-18

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect Does anything ever cause you to look away from the Lord? What helps you to anchor your life to him?


  1. Imagine your friend reads this account for the first time. How might they react? Is their reaction similar or different to your own? 

Read Genesis 22:1-5

  1. How has God fulfilled his promise to Abraham and Sarah? (Hint: Gen 21:1-7) How long were they waiting for this promise to be fulfilled?
  2. Why then is God’s instruction to Abraham unexpected? How might it challenge our view of God? 
  3. What is the key way the narrator wants us to interpret this account? Why is this important?
  4. When have you ever been ‘tested’? Have you ever had the experience of growing in confidence and trust in the Lord, because of a period of testing? 
  5. Do you think God knows what he is asking Abraham to do? What are the clues?
  6. Read 2 Chronicles 3:1. What is the significance of Moriah? How will this place feature in God’s plans?
  7. What actions does Abraham take immediately after the Lord speaks with him?
  8. How does Abraham express his faith in the Lord? What does his obedience look like?
  9. Do you think we need to know all the details of God’s plans to trust in him and follow his direction? What has trusting the Lord, without the details, looked like in your life? How can you grow in this?
  10. How is Abraham’s interaction with the Lord unique? What should we do if we feel like the Lord is asking us to do something specifically? 

Read Genesis 22:6-14

  1. Do you think Abraham’s answer to Isaac in verse 7 is a lie, prayer, or prophecy? 
  2. What insight does Hebrews 11:17-19 give us about what Abraham believed in this moment? 
  3. How does the Lord provide for Abraham? How is this surprising?
  4. What does Abraham name the place? What is the significance of the past and future tense used by Abraham in verse 14? How does this point forward?
  5. Who will God ultimately provide? What are the similarities and differences between this account and the sacrifice of Jesus?
  6. How does God’s sacrifice of himself through Jesus provide everything we need? 
  7. How does Jesus’ death for you shape your obedience? How would you like it to shape your obedience?

Apply How can you keep in mind God’s ultimate provision of Jesus, when God’s ways are unclear to you?

Gracious Father, thank you for providing the ultimate sacrifice and saviour in Jesus. Please may your Spirit continue to grow our faith and use our lives in obedience to you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
Going deeper resources

On Your Front Line this Week
How can you demonstrate generosity this week to someone on your frontline?

For Families
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