Genesis Part II
May 5, 2024

The Story of Abraham: Yahweh’s Covenant

Amy Norman
Genesis 15:1-21

Questions and going deeper resources

Small group questions

Connect What would it look like to make one shift—in one area of your life—that would help express or enable
your dependence on God?
1. What is a persistent fear about your life that you have had or still have?
2. What has given you comfort or assurance for that fear (or maybe other fears you’ve had)?
Read Genesis 15:1-6
3. Why does the Lord come to Abram? What is he addressing?
4. Why is Abram afraid? Why would being childless be a cause of fear?
5. What does a shield do? What context is it used in? How could this be a picture of comfort?
6. Who is the reward? What other relationships or things are you tempted to place above the Lord?
7. What other visual assurance does the Lord give Abram? How is this a comfort?
8. When in your life, have you known the Lord’s comfort and assurance? What rhythms or habits do
you find useful to be reminded of the promises and power of the Lord?
9. Read verse 6. Who is the object of Abram’s faith? What is the danger if we forget this?
10. What is righteousness? Who (and what) does righteousness relate to?
11. Why is it so surprising that Abram is credited with righteousness?
12. Does Abram’s faith earn him righteousness? Why not?
13. When did you first understand this? When did you first come to believe in the Lord?
14. Is there any area of your life that might be holding you back from fully trusting in the Lord?
Read Genesis 15:7-21
15. What is Abram’s second concern (see verse 8)? Why is he worried about how this will be fulfilled?
16. Have you ever been worried how you will know God will act? What type of things make you worried?
How do you normally deal with this uncertainty?
17. What was the purpose of the ceremony? What did the animals represent? Read Jeremiah 34:8-22.
18. How does this ceremony show God is serious about his relationship with Abram and his promises?
19. Who is involved in the ceremony? What is the implication of only God being involved?
20. How does God take our place in the covenant?
21. Have you ever doubted God’s commitment to you? How does Jesus’ death shape your trust in God?
22. How would you explain to a friend the initiative and commitment of God to us?
Apply How can your deepest hopes & desires rest secure in the knowledge that the Lord is our greatest reward?

Gracious God, thank you that you are faithful and that you are committed to us, even when we fail. Help us to deepen our faith in Jesus, and delight in Jesus’ righteousness. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen
Going deeper resources

On Your Front Line this Week
How can you demonstrate generosity this week to someone on your frontline?

For Families
• Download: some of the family resources to use at home: stbartskids.org

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