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2024 Preaching Preview

February 22, 2024

As we delve into God’s Word in 2024—both Old Testament and New—we’ll traverse a range of genres, including the Law, wisdom literature, Gospels, historical narrative, and letters! We'll have the opportunity to wrestle with who we are in light of the Gospel, what perplexing passages teach us about the importance of context and the limits of knowing, learn from the early church, hear the invitation of Jesus, be shaped for following Jesus in real life, and sing ancient songs that announce the arrival of the King.

Throughout the year, we’ll grow in our understanding of God’s Word, grapple with how God’s Word intersects with our culture, and seek continuous transformation as passionate followers of Jesus. Each series will be accompanied by a series overview. Every week will be paired with small group questions, going deeper resources, curriculum for St Bart’s Kids on Sundays, and questions for the CHARGE Youth Sunday discussion group.


  • Our Mission: A three-part miniseries exploring our mission.
  • Responding to Jesus (Matthew): Over eleven weeks, we’ll consider the varied ways that people responded to the life-changing invitation of Jesus and how that shapes our response.


  • Genesis Part II (Abraham): An eight-part series delving into the story of Abraham and God’s unwavering faithfulness to—and through—him.
  • Winter Warmers: The fruit of the Spirit and the character of Jesus (3 weeks).


  • Who Am I? Over nine weeks we’ll consider how the Gospel brings light and life to every aspect of our identity.
  • Gospel-Shaped Church (1 Timothy): A seven-part series exploring how the Gospel shapes the focus, function, and fabric of Christian community.


  • Perplexing Passages: A talking donkey, mysterious Nephilim, and the resurrection of the dead! Wrestling with the truth of God’s Word and the limits of our knowing (over 3 weeks).
  • Songs of Advent: Four weeks delighting in the songs of God’s grace which announce the arrival of God’s King.

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