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Helpful Resources to Prepare Well for Easter

February 13, 2024

Traditionally, Lent has been a 40-day* period of penitence and fasting in the lead up to Easter. Part of the purpose of Lent is to acknowledge with sorrow that we are both mortal and sinful. We do so—not because we love to be downcast—but because recognising the reality of our finitude, moves us to rest and rejoice that Jesus—as the giver of life and forgiveness—is that answer to both our mortality and sinfulness!

As we look forward to celebrating Good Friday and Easter Day, we've provided some resources to help us plumb the unsearchable depths of God's love and grace. Using this season can be a wonderful opportunity to grow in our relationship with God, delight in the relationship we can have through Jesus, and deepen the richness of our celebration this Easter.

* The 40 days run from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day, not including Sundays.

General Resources

For Children & Families

For Churches

We've prepared a summary of St Bart's Easter Resources from prior years. This includes sermons, small group materials, study guides, and St Bart's Kids curriculum. Access it here.

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