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The Pantry

July 7, 2024

As part of our mission goal to extend reach and address areas of critical need for the most vulnerable of Toowoomba, we support the work of St Luke’s Larder and SU breakfast and lunch programs through the donation of non-perishable food items. Donations can be placed in the collection baskets in the reception area of St Bart's at any time, with a particular focus on collecting these items on the second Sunday of each month (Sunday 14 July).

Items are then sorted and delivered by our team to St Luke’s or schools as needed.

Examples of items that would make suitable donations include:

  • Muesli bars
  • Poppers
  • Dried fruit
  • Snack packs (e.g., cheese & crackers)
  • Cereals
  • Spreads
  • Pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Microwave pasta packs
  • Baked beans
  • Tinned spaghetti
  • Tinned vegetables
  • Soups (tins or packets)
  • Tinned fish
  • Tinned fruit
  • Creamed rice
  • Biscuits
  • Long life milk
  • Laundry powder
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toilet paper
  • Tissues

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