Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Transforming Work Course

Centre for Work and Faith
Rowe's Google Room
5 Keefe Street, Toowoomba City
May 1, 2024 7:15 AM
Centre for Work and Faith
Transforming Work is a 8-week discussion group for workers to explore how God uses our work in us and through us.

This highly practical course combines biblical teaching, case studies, and practical tools to flourish as a follower of Jesus in the workplace. The course aims to set a foundation for how we can think about our work and how God thinks about our work. It is also encouraging to meet regularly with others whose work looks different, and pray and encourage one another.

Topics we explore include:

  • Why does work matter?
  • How can we do good work?
  • How can we flourish at work?
  • How can we influence our workplace culture?
  • How can we improve relationship at work?
  • How can we share our faith at work?
  • How can we tackle workplace issues with biblical principles?
  • How can we remain fruitful over the long-term?

The cost of the course is $10. Transforming Work is a course developed by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. You can check out more of their great work here: https://licc.org.uk/

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